12 Dec

Reference point is made for purposes such as accountability, grouping, educational / learning, observational, etc. Hence, the tenth, score, hundredth, gross, thousandth, …and DOZEN are resulted in the bids to count and measure victuals. This dictates the counting in the King James Version of the Holy Bible which is majorly scores, twenties. The counting in Yoruba, a tribe in Nigeria, is also based on twenties, scores. If I am not mistaken, Igbo, another major tribe’s language in Nigeria, counts on tens.

What readily comes to mind when twelve is mentioned is Dozen. The nation of Israel was made up of twelve tribes; Jesus had twelve disciples called the Apostles. Twelve, by convention calender, is the total months of the year.

Today, being the twelfth day of the twelfth month and twelfth year of the millennium is significant. Unique in the sense that it will not repeat itself again until after hundred years! Alas! Not many of us will be here again, even if Jesus tarry.

I am calling on us to meditate on the scripture for relevance today. Psalms 90: 12; “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” With this I will leave us untill later when I will sharing with us some revelations from the scripture. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.


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