21 Oct

God is a force that is to be reckoned with. He is an alliance that is enlisted for assured victory. He is neither wearied nor tired by the resistance poised by the adversary. He tackles to subdue the enemy under feet. He generates and radiates enough heat to make the enemy uncomfortable. He compels mountains to bow and fizzle out of the way.

A man with God is said to be majority. Partnering with God turns impossibility to possibility. The presence of God puts the enemy to flee. The carrier of God, Holy Ghost, breaks barriers. The power above flesh is the unquenchable Spirit of God. He is the wind that blows, drifting back the mighty waters. The gigantic conflagration that turns mountains to stubble. The thundering sound that causes the strong edifice to crumble.

God is unlimited, having edge over all. He endures eternally to see the end of everyone. He is not confounded to overwhelm all. He is unequalled to beat without exception. He is beyond imagination and exceeds knowledge. None can by understanding search Him out. Everything goes away but God abides forever. While nothing is constant, God remains unchangeable. Inadequacy of man disqualifies him but the perfection of God upholds Him.

With God is great exploit made by man. The identification of God in the life of individual is the deeds of spirit that transcends the arm of flesh. Demonstration of power, in terms of miracles, signs and wonders, is an indication of divine involvement. Supplication is made unto God for assistance on the issues defying solution.

Whom God had chosen to demonstrate Himself overcomes the world. Vessel conveying God is beautified by the over shadowing glory of Almighty. As God are those that believe and yield themselves unto Him. Honour is automatically bestowed upon him that had housed and hospitalised the king. God makes irresistible that had incorporated Him into his calculations. God is an integral part of man that had made Him Lord.

If God is on man’s side, no man can stand against him. Like a pillar, he becomes immovable that trusts in God. He becomes successful, overcoming failure, that had received the nod of God. The man that pleases God becomes partaker of divine nature. He is unstoppable whose God is the Lord!


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