20 Oct

Enduring satisfaction is earned from the utterance of God. From the mouth of Almighty is the peace of man proceeded. The soul is made fat by the declaration of the creator of heaven and the earth. Man is not sustained but by the spirit-quickened word.

There is no other destiny for man but the already said by God. We are prophecy going to happen after the made known will of God. Man is framed and shaped into being by the word. Man is an entity woven out of stripes of the word of God. The sum total of all that had been said concerning man by God paints him into the picture seen. The word chisels to carve out image perceived and conceived of man. We cannot be better than God had pictured to declare us.

We are replicate of the word that was in the beginning – Express image of our God that was revealed in the Lord, Jesus Christ. We are said of God to be spirit and life. Man is made strong and sharpened, instrument in the hand of God, to overcome adversaries. Man is sent out, as an arrow being the word of God, to hit target without failure. The trial of man removes impurity for the glorious revelation of God’s intention.

Man is positioned to be envied by all, even angels. Son has special place in the heart of the father, so is the man highly favoured. The delegated assignment of man could only have been trusted to rightful heir. Rights and privileges enjoyed confirm to be insider,privy, and not alien to kingdom. God is concerned to have made provisions, planting man a fruitful vine.
Blessings of man are ordained in the covenant made. God’s faithfulness is revealed in keeping His word of promise. The compliance with agreement entered justified Him as God and judge in affairs of men. The immutability of His counsel proofs Him reliable. The potency makes Him dependable burden bearer upon whom leaning can be made. God upholds to keep in place frailty, grounding him in His word.

The light of the word of God had brought man the life. The brightness caused had chased away the darkness. The illumination makes not to fall, stumble or falter. There is sensation of vision by entrance of light, being the word of God. The instructional ability of the word gives knowledge and understanding. The word is the basis upon which the spirit broods, activating the power in man. Man is equipped and empowered by the word of God for purpose set.

Man is to speak the word of God. He is been made to be custodian of the truth, meant to shine light on the path of others. A flow that is unhindered to water the thirsty. The brightness flooding the earth so much, giving no room to the enemy. Yeah! The oracle of God! That is what we are meant to be, God’s mouth piece.


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