18 Oct

There is no cause for an alarm. Do not be afraid; exercise no fear. Here, we have the word of the one that matters – The word of the moment! The promise of God is reliable. He has been adjudged truthful and faithful in His dealings. With a very robust credentials, He is better placed to handle you right. I am, therefore, confident to announce to you that you are in a safe-hand.
Congratulations! God has you in mind as He is sending us specifically to you! You are known to Him – He is very concerned about you. Hence, He packaged His gifts, which are blessings, to meet your needs. He wants you to be ministered unto. He is set to do as required in your life. He is totally all over you. He is in charge to take pre-eminence. Therefore, make Him king and enthrone Him. Exalt Him above all and He shall reign.
Get ready for life-transforming encounters with the maker of heavens and earth. With Him is restoration and renewal of man. Nothing is difficult for God to do. Nobody had remained the same of the people that had been privileged to come across Him. He has testimonies of signs, wonders and miracles wrath in the lives of His beneficiaries. Your own case cannot be different.
This God is the word that we have brought to you! The word of faith that is being declared here. He empowers His word so much, above situations and circumstances, to accomplish His purposes. He speaks and it is done; he commands and it stands firmly. He called things that are seen out of things that were not. All things were made by Him. And without Him, there is nothing that was made. His word does not return to Him void. His word has He esteemed highly above His names.
Men have been acknowledging the receipt of diversed kind of miracles through the instrumentality of the word. We have heard people testifying of healing, deliverance, salvation, restoration and many more through the ministration of the Word. Certainty of the word of God hits target without a miss. The potency of the word overcomes obstacles.
It gladdens our hearts to welcome you to this site that is out to comfort and console by the spirit-quickened word. You are welcome in the name that is above all names, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!


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